Yes, we deliver! We deliver on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday between the times of 9am – 3pm. We begin on the SW side of town and work our way out in which route flows the best.

Current Home Delivery area. Las Vegas zip codes:

89002, 89011, 89012, 89014, 89015, 89030, 89031, 89032, 89044, 89052, 89074, 89084, 89085, 89086, 89087, 89081, 89101, 89102, 89104, 89106, 89107, 89108, 89109, 89110, 89119, 89120, 89121, 89122, 89123, 89129, 89130, 89131, 89134, 89138, 89142, 89143, 89144, 89145, 89149, 89166, 89169, 89183

Please select local pickup at any of our pickup locations if you do not see your zipcode listed. We currently provide local pickup only for the towns/cities of Blue Diamond, Henderson, and Boulder City.

There is a delivery fee per order of $10.

Also, there is a minimum order purchase price of $75 for all home deliveries that do not have a Meal Prep Package.

To receive meals either Sunday or Monday, all orders must be placed Friday by midnight. All late orders will be processed for next available delivery day.

To receive meals Wednesday, all orders must be placed Monday by midnight. All late orders will be processed for next available delivery day.

Yes, however, we do require between 12- to 24-hour notice, depending on the size of your order. When your order is ready we will notify you via phone call and email.

Pick up times are between 8am-8pm, which are standard operating hours.

Raw Fitness
4450 N. Tenaya Way, Ste 160
Las Vegas, NV 89129

Summerlin – Gramercy – Portion Control Restaurant
9275 W. Russel Road
Las Vegas, NV 89148

Raw Fitness
7200 Montessouri St., Ste 130
Las Vegas, NV 89113

Green Valley / Henderson
Raw Fitness
950 W. Warm Springs Rd, Ste 107
Henderson, NV 89011

St. Rose
3019 St. Rose Parkway,
Henderson, NV

We understand busy and hectic lifestyles! Once we make an attempt to deliver your meals and no one is home or an ice chest is not left with ice, we will take our meals back to our restaurant and it will be available for you to pick up there.

Please remember that there is a minimum of $75 per order for home delivery, and the delivery fee will not be refunded.

Microwave your meal for 90 seconds – 120 seconds on high.

You may freeze your meals however, we do not recommend this – it could compromise the integrity of the vegetables.